Modular Sessions

Bridge to CM delivers targeted preparatory information and guidance to students through four on-campus classroom sessions, operating through a “student associate model”

Candidate Screening

After delivering training sessions and providing candidates with constructive feedback, candidates submit application packages to Bridge to CM for screening

Consolidated Recruiting

Selected candidates are invited to a centralized recruiting event, which brings together talent from across the region to meet and interview with corporate participants from top Canadian financial institutions


Student Associate Model

Bridge to CM delivers content through Student Associates, the on-campus student representatives of the organization. Associates facilitate the delivery of video content and coordinate the candidate screening process. From our associates, we seek passion for business, a desire to help others and strong organizational skills. We target primarily third-year students for our Associates.

Guaranteed Minimum Candidates

Each participating school will have a guaranteed minimum number of candidates selected to attend the final recruiting event. If additional students meet the selection criteria for the final recruiting event, they may also be invited to participate.


Want to Know More?

We have more details on the Bridge to CM program in the Program Overview below.