Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Universities FAQ


What benefits does Bridge to Capital Markets offer to me as a university participant?

As a volunteer organization, Bridge to Capital Markets offers your students:

1) targeted preparation for capital market and asset management roles

2) direct connection to leading Canadian financial institutions and

3) valuable volunteer experience through its student associate delivery model. These benefits are all delivered to you to achieve maximum impact to your students while minimizing costs.

What sort of financial commitment are you seeking from university participants?

As a not-for-profit organization, Bridge to Capital Markets seeks to keep costs minimized. Universities will only need to provide classroom / meeting room space to hold classroom sessions and optionally provide funding for student travel to the centralized recruiting event. One university will host the centralized recruiting event every year.

Which universities are currently partnered with Bridge to Capital Markets?

For a full list of our current partner institutions, please reach out to us directly through our Contact us page.

Which universities are eligible to participate?

Bridge to Capital Markets is currently targeting universities in Atlantic Canada. However, if you are part of a university outside of this region, reach out to us through our Contact us page, and we can discuss what we could do for you in the future.

Students FAQ


What’s in it for me as a student?
Bridge to CM offers you:

1) knowledge and skills to prepare you as a competitive candidate for the top financial institutions in Canada

2) a pre-screening process to ensure you ‘put your best foot forward’ and

3) direct access to corporate recruiters.

How much will it cost me to participate?
Bridge to CM is a volunteer organization delivering knowledge through a student associate model, so we will never ask you for money. Instead, we ask for your participation and attendance, but knowing you are busy people, we try to keep that time commitment to a minimum.  Attending 4 classroom sessions and participating in 2 small ‘pre-screening’ assignments is mandatory if you want to be eligible for the final recruiting event.  Travel expenses for the final recruiting event can potentially be covered by your university; however, this topic is handled on a school-by-school basis.

As a student, how can I get involved?

Students can be involved as either a candidate or a student associate. Candidates participate in the modular sessions to enhance their knowledge and submit a final application package to Bridge to CM for evaluation. Student associates serve as Bridge to CM’s on-campus representatives and facilitate the classroom sessions. They gain valuable volunteer experience and helping their school’s community.

What makes a successful student associate?
Successful student associates demonstrate a passion not only for finance but community involvement. Organization and time management skills will be important to participate in associate training sessions, conduct modular sessions on campus and provide candidates feedback.

What do I have to do to qualify for the final recruiting event?
Eligible candidates must attend one of each of the classroom sessions (4 in total) and submit 2 deliverables. Candidates then submit their final application package to Bridge to CM for evaluation.

What is included in the final application package?
The final application package consists of a cover letter, resume, and academic transcript. Candidates admitted to the final recruiting event will have their application packages given automatically to all attending corporate participants.

What are the selection criteria for final candidates?

Final candidates will be selected based on a combination of motivation, academic, professional and extra-curricular/volunteer experience.

Where will the centralized recruiting event take place?

There will be a Halifax-based event for the Atlantic Canadian university participants, and a Toronto-based event for the Ontario university participants.

Financial Institutions FAQ


What benefits does Bridge to Capital Markets confer to financial institutions?
As a volunteer organization, Bridge to Capital Markets provides you with:

1) a consolidated talent pool from multiple universities

2) a pre-screened talent base of the best candidates and

3) a cost-efficient platform to diversify your employee base.

What potential employers will be at the centralized recruiting event?
Bridge to Capital Markets has established partnerships with numerous top Canadian financial institutions such as banks, private equity funds and pension funds. A final list of corporate attendees will be posted closer to the final recruiting event.