About Us

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Our Mission

Bridge to Capital Markets is a volunteer organization that strives to help top Canadian finance students  obtain coveted positions in capital markets and asset management. We aim to bridge the gap between the top business students in Canada and the top Canadian financial institutions, fostering a virtuous cycle of recruitment over time.

Our Story

After actively participating in the interview process at leading Canadian financial institutions (both as a candidate and as an interviewer), our founder witnessed the inequities that separate the top recruiting universities from the others.

While providing advice to finance students of Eastern Canadian universities on an 'ad hoc' basis, he saw an opportunity to address the needs of students from multiple universities across the region, which resulted in the creation of Bridge to Capital Markets.

Meet the Founders


Roman Burgess


An east-coaster born and raised in Halifax, Roman loves teaching, self-development and finance. Through his time in investment banking and private equity, Roman is well-acquainted with the requirements of top Canadian financial institutions.


Sarah Mancini

Marketing Partner

Sarah studied at the John Molson School of Business. Her work experience is diverse, holding a degree in Marketing and having a background in recruitment, marketing and finance. Upon graduation, Sarah developed an interest for finance, which led her to write her CFA exam.

How We Help You