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Over the last few years, we've partnered with many universities and helped hundreds of student participants. Scroll down to see more regarding the scale of our operations and some success stories from Bridge to Capital Markets alumni.



Stuart Tabor

1st Internship: Investment Analyst Intern - Burgundy Asset Management

2nd Internship: Investment Analyst Intern - RBC Global Asset Management

University: St Francis Xavier University

"Being from a non-target school, we don’t get many firms to come recruit in the East Coast, let alone to our university. BCM's Classroom Sessions helped to provide a comprehensive overview of what jobs there are out there. The Classroom Sessions helped me to become more aware of each role in the industries, what the real differences were between each. The real value add is the mentorship. Roman truly takes the time to get to you know you and help you present your story to employers, and makes the process a lot less daunting by providing mock interviews to all program participants. The recruitment event is also the pinnacle of the program, and is how I landed my internship at Burgundy, which has served as a launchpad for the rest of my career."

Rob Blanchard Photo UNB

Lula Azzahra

Intern Analyst, Private Equity Funds - PSP Investments

University: University of New Brunswick

"Before, everything from recruitment to interviews was sort of like a black box to me. Thanks to BCM, I am lot more realistic and mature now than I was before concerning my knowledge of the finance industry. Roman helped me understand how recruitment works for Finance, what opportunities were available, and how to prepare for interviews.

I was able to get a job in the PE team at PSP through BCM as they are a large partner of BCM. I'm also a lot more self-sufficient, as I now know how to job hunt, prepare, network and interview on my own now. When my internship at PSP is over, I’ll be ready to try my luck myself in finding a great job."

Headshot - Raymond Dao (1)

Raymond Dao

Co-Op Analyst, Venture Capital - BDC Capital

University: Ryerson University

"I heard about BCM from a school-mate that was interning at PSP. The most valuable aspect of BCM is the access to a mentor in someone that has been in a similar situation and has achieved a similar career goal. Personally, the BCM platform and mentorship program has provided me with the self-confidence, network and advice that I needed to earn an internship within capital markets. Professionally, BCM has positioned me for success through the recruiting events it hosts. Learning about the people and each firm’s values was instrumental in determining which firm was best for me."

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Lee Scully

Investment Analyst Intern - Burgundy Asset Management

University: Acadia University

"Bridge to Capital Markets holds a very good balance of theory and practical learning - it educates students on resume, job search and interview prep for careers in capital markets and asset management. As an alum of an Atlantic Canadian university, Roman knows what it’s like to be a hungry finance student trying to break into capital markets, where the competition from target schools is fierce. Through assignment feedback, personalized mentorship sessions, mock interviews and a centralized recruitment event, the program educated me on what to expect for interviews and allowed me to put these learnings into action. It truly helped me gain a realistic view of the job market and as a result, I was able to land an internship with Burgundy Asset Management - one of BCM's strongest corporate partners."


Nevin Becker

Investment Analyst Intern - Burgundy Asset Management

University: Sobey School of Business at Saint Mary's University

"Prior to BCM, I had no finance industry knowledge and I really didn’t even know what jobs existed in Finance. My career goals were uncertain. Getting insight about professions from someone with a similar background/story was very valuable. During our mentorship sessions, Roman helped me to shape my professional life by encouraging me to set clear goals for myself. This allowed me to see where I want to be and what career I want to end up in. Roman was the influencer to my dedication to get into capital markets, and the recruitment event helped me springboard my career by allowing me to lock in an internship at Burgundy Asset Management."

RyanCarmichael - Headshot (1)

Ryan Carmichael

Junior Research Analyst - Vigilant (a DRW Company)

University: Sobey School of Business at Saint Mary's University

"I found out about Bridge to Capital Markets through my school’s student-managed fund. I think that the one thing that makes Bridge to Capital Markets so valuable is the industry connections it offers to its participants. Being from the Maritimes, there’s not a whole lot of opportunity. BCM allowed me to understand what opportunities exist outside of Atlantic Canada. I didn’t think I was capable of breaking into the industry given where I was from, but BCM encouraged me to go for the top jobs and gave me the tools I needed to be equipped for the interview process. Eventually, I landed a job as a Market Research Analyst at Vigilant, a position that was available through an introduction Roman facilitated for me."


Aaron Hoyles

Master of Financial Economics Candidate - University of Western Ontario

University: Saint Francis Xavier University

"Personally, I felt the most valuable part of Bridge to Capital Markets were the mentorship chats. I came from a very nontraditional educational background – I home-schooled myself all the way through high school, and when I got into university with very limited support, I didn’t know what doors a Finance degree would open for me. Roman gave me direction on what I could do in Finance and what opportunities existed in the industry. Eventually, when I applied to Masters programs, Roman helped me put together my application package, proofread my applications, and made suggestions. Ultimately, I ended up being accepted into Western’s Master of Financial Economics Program. It’s important to note that BCM is what you make of it – those who are putting in the work will see rewards, but it’s important to put lots of effort into the program."

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Julius Owakubariho

Risk Leadership Program - Royal Bank of Canada

University: Sobey School of Business of Saint Mary's University

"Bridge to Capital Markets really helps to educate students on how recruitment works – truly everything from resume building to networking to interviewing. Roman offered tailored mentorship to all of us in the program and helped to encourage us and provide next steps for our career goals. Personally, the highlight of Bridge to Capital Markets was the mentorship calls. When I was interviewing for opportunities in Finance, Roman was always willing to hop on the phone with me to answer any questions I had. He helped me understand how to properly prepare for interviews, and what questions to expect. This helped me land my position in the Risk Leadership Program at RBC."


Andrew Jones

Intern Analyst, Real Estate Investments - PSP Investments

University: Sobey School of Business of Saint Mary's University

"The BCM classroom sessions enhanced my knowledge of the job landscape in the financial services industry and broke out the steps required to make an impact on a firm you’re trying to break into from a non-target background. The classroom assignments and continuous homework allowed me to set targets for gaining contacts, gaining technical knowledge, honing my resume and cover letter, and developing comradery with my fellow BCMers. BCM has personally helped me by introducing me to recruiters of prestigious firms at the centralized networking event and providing critique to my application packages and passing it along to a team where I would be a good fit. BCM also helped by connecting me with the contact information of people on the teams I’d be speaking with, providing preparation for technical interviews, and continuously preparing me to take on a career in finance."